I am told that C.o.E. was the first band to perform at the Curtain Club in Dallas. If this is true, it would have been for the release party for Telepathic Last Words in 1998. No matter what, it was a good story, as told from the stage by members of IN MEMORY OF MAN, who performed the COURSE OF EMPIRE song "The Information" in tribute, at the end of their set on Saturday Jan. 23, at the Curtain Club's 18th Anniversary party. It was a high honor indeed for us to hear a young band tear into that guitar riff at full volume and energy. Former Course drummers Chad Lovell, Kyle Thomas, and I all watched from the sound booth at the back of the room. We sang along as the lads nailed the parts. It was a fine tribute not only to the Curtain Club, but to all of us in C.o.E., especially Chad Lovell who has been the front of house sound engineer there for many years. And we very much appreciated, as many laughs, hugs, and shots followed. Thanks to Chad Beck, Johnny McConlogue and all the guys from IN MEMORY OF MAN for making us all feel like we were all a part of something very special. Honors, gents!

Friends, thanks to everyone who came out to the gig at Club Dada with Bravo Max! and MUR. We really enjoyed the evening. There was a bit of competition from ART CON and the Tattoo Festival, but we had enough friends in the room to get the energy up, and the feedback was good. We ended up having to cut our set short, following our version of The Psychedelic Furs "Love My Way" due to the schedule. MUR sounded great and made it all look so easy. All in all, it was just more evidence supporting the realization that we're just not booking enough dates. Looking forward to doing some recording and expanding the set... Anyway, we love you guys, and look forward to the next one! -G

Well friends, other aspects of life have garnered my attention during June and July. So I haven't been focused on booking live shows for the summer. Some interesting things are working in the background, though... I'm looking forward to being able to report about them publicly. In the meantime, gotta just keep working! Please check back for more news. Enjoy the sunshine! -G


Hello friends...

just an update here, regarding the progress of the new Halls Of The Machine album...


if you want to order the new C.o.E. set, just go to www.paypal.com and send $25 to courseofempire2004@yahoo.com.

If you would like to upgrade the package to include "Phone Calls From The Dead" live cd, then it's $30.

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 Friends, I now have two new Course Of Empire titles available on the band's own DIY label, Lustrejaw. I see these two titles as bookends to the bands career. They are called: "Early C.o.E." and "Telepathic Last Show"...

Really enjoyed the gig at Wine Therapist in Lakewood. Loved seeing all the friends and other great musicians who showed up to support us. Honored! Mike Daane played bass with us for the first set. For the second, Duncan and I revisited a few songs from the first set, then vamped on some new ideas and a bit of disco. We jammed a bit of Rolling Stones "Miss You" and a version of Bowie's "Stay". Thanks to Gretchen at Wine Therapist for taking a chance on a potentially loud rock band, and trusting us to make it right for the room. Also thanks to everybody who made it their Saturday night destination. Until the next one.... Cheers. -G

Over the years, a lot of people have asked me who did the strange voice over on "Ptah!" from the first Course Of Empire album. I shared this story with a friend earlier tonight, so I figured I'd share it here too.

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