EARLY COE / TELEPATHIC LAST SHOW - 2 CD Set with 2 matching 11x17 posters

This set of recordings may represent the final chapter in the C.o.E. discography. Digitally transferred from the original cassette sources, "EARLY C.O.E." contains the band's very first demos, from before the first album. It contains several previously unreleased songs, such as "Skin Ritual", "Islands Of Sanity", and "Burning Tree," along with early versions of "Ptah!" and "Sins Of The Fathers". "TELEPATHIC LAST SHOW" contains the songs from the first half of the final show, which were missing from the 2004 live album "Phone Calls From The Dead". The second half of "Telepathic Last Show" contains the second half of the "INITIATION" record release party from 1994. It features live versions of songs such as "Under The Skies", "New Maps" "Running Man" and "Breed". It also contains the band's final, live in the studio jam,  "Covered In Thorns". Together these two new releases represent the first and final moments of the band's decade-long career. They ship with two matching 11x17 posters, printed on 100lb stock. There are presently only 100 copies of this set available. They were all produced, designed, printed, burned, assembled, signed, and shipped with a personal thank you from the guitarist, Mike G!

Track Listing:


1. Skin Ritual (First Unreleased Cassette Recording)

2. Ptah!/Son Of Ptah! (Vaughn vocal)

3. Tomorrow (Mix I)

4. Sins Of The Fathers (Original Version)

5. Islands Of Sanity

6. Burning Tree (Live On KNON Radio)

7. God's Jig (Live On KNON Radio)

8. Tomorrow (Mix II)



1. Minions intro

2. Coming Of The Century

3. Under The Skies

4. White Vision Blowout

5. New Maps

6. Freaks

7. God's Jig

8. (Rewind To '94}

9. Breed

10. Running Man

11. Joy

12. Invertebrate

13. Cradle Calls

14. Infested!

15. Sacrifice

16. Covered In Thorns (Final Live In The Studio Jam)


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Released in 2004, this is the second half of the final Course Of Empire show performed and recorded live at Trees in 1998. This album pairs with "TELEPATHIC LAST SHOW" to document the full experience of the band live. This is a shrink wrapped, manufactured cd.

Get "Phone Calls From The Dead" for $12.00

Or get "Early C.o.E. / Telepathic Last Show" and "Phone Calls" all together for $35.00




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